Acquisition Tracker

Acquisition Tracker

The Problem

The customer, a federal contractor supporting a major DoD Agency had a spreadsheet-based process that was central to managing the end-end project execution including budgets, timelines, reports as well as performance. The spreadsheet was stored in a shared location, and created a number of issues, including but not limited to, ownership, uncontrolled data access, modifications, lack of timely reporting and finally, lack of auditability.

The Solution

RhyBus adopted as the base platform, and the product storyboards helped the subject matter experts and end users to visualize the overall process solution. Rhybus cloud environment is available to the end-users as early as the first implementation build. The customer had a very engaged team that was able to discuss specific feedback and the RhyBus team was able to integrate the changes immediately.

The Value

For a process that was completely manual, RhyBus was able to completely digitize, and ensure that the entire process is standardized, and dashboards were developed on the data collected. The process runs effectively and is able to report the project data in a timely manner.