Technology Solutions


Far too often organizations reserve business innovation solely for their product or service. As a result, the operating system of the business slowly grows out of date and compromised from the small incremental adjustments made to get by. Before long, the people, processes, and systems responsible for supporting the business infrastructure are unable to perform at optimal productivity levels because the workflows have not been properly designed to serve the current demands.


Recently named to CIO Review’s Top 20 Workflow Solution Providers, RhyBus has proven to be the solution that government agencies and leading organizations rely on to create a sustainable system for business innovation.

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Microsoft Solutions

With over 18 years of research and development at Microsoft Corporation, our team at Idea Entity draws from extensive experience to deliver quick innovation that assists clients in successfully meeting their business requirements and goals.

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Cloud Services

In an increasingly technical and interconnected business ecosystem, cloud computing has proven to be essential in reducing operational costs and scaling up infrastructure. However, finding the right cloud service and forming a deployment strategy can become quite overwhelming.

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Reimagine how you leverage technology to accelerate business outcomes.