Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud services are integral to contemporary businesses. When handled incorrectly, your organization can end up overspending, underserved and limited due to your cloud infrastructure. Idea Entity eases that strain with over 15 years of experience by reducing set-up timelines and implementing effective cloud technologies.

Our Approach to Cloud

Our cloud experts are experienced in each facet of the cloud environment. Work with us to design a model that aligns to your business needs.

Define the operating
business model.

Define the right
billing strategy

Define and implement the new system architecture

Define product support and upgrade models, etc.

AWS cloud services

AWS Cloud Services is designed to adjust to fit your storage needs.

This process ensures space is used efficiently, while being readily available for a change in demand. Also, with enhanced security features, your information is secure when transitioned to the cloud. AWS enables you to select an operating system, programming language, database based on what suits your business best.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open access, fully scalable cloud computing platform that helps users build maintain and deploy their applications and still provides a low-cost, high-performance option to consider. By working with our experts you will be able to transition, stabilize, and leverage your cloud resources to better support your business.

Reimagine how you leverage technology to accelerate business outcomes.