Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions

Our team at Idea Entity draws from our extensive experience working with and at Microsoft to assist you in leveraging their suite of solutions to meet your business goals and needs.

SharePoint solutions designed for the global workforce

Browser-based communication and document management are essential to contemporary business workflow efficiency. Idea Entity engineers continually strive to help our clients get the most out of their investment.

Easily manage and distribute the information that matters most

Managing and distributing knowledge, content, and applications improves team efficiency, information accessibility, and collaboration. Idea Entity’s 18-year experience with Microsoft solutions reinforces our ability to provide enterprise assistance for your business.

Manage your devices from anywhere, so your impact is everywhere

It is critical to properly manage information access for current and future security when integrating data management solutions. Undefined areas of responsibility can lead to data ultimately falling into the wrong hands. Idea Entity can assist with mobile device management and help your business work towards controlling access to private information.

Cloud technology solutions tailored to fit your needs

By utilizing cloud technologies such as the Windows Azure, more and more businesses are reducing costs, increasing security, and ensuring reliability. The transition to cloud platforms is wrought with challenges such as implementing new system architecture and defining upgrade models. Idea Entity can help simplify this process with minimal impact.

Simplify the way you design and develop custom applications

Out of the box software applications do not address the individual needs of your business. From customer interface to internal security, Idea Entity is a technology leader that can help create custom application development that encompasses all areas of your business.

Optimize performance and empower key stakeholders

Understanding new product or service designs, improving existing business processes, finding new customers, or minimizing waste to increase profits all stem from enhanced business intelligence. Idea Entity not only responds to your current organizational needs, but anticipates future trends and develops an idea, product, or service that allows you to meet the future demand rapidly and effectively.

Our subject matter experts are here to serve

By leveraging our Microsoft experience to quickly develop prototypes in combination with tight prioritization, we can compress the time required to deliver a solution to our clients. Through our specialization in rapid application development, we understand how to develop solutions that are applied effectively and efficiently to assist our customers in successfully meeting their business needs.